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Maine Passive House can build your house or business from framing to finish.  With a talented crew of carpenters and meticulous planning and organization, Maine Passive House makes sure projects get done on time and on budget.  Maine Passive House has developed a transparent process where you’re in control and we help guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process of building a home.

Not all homes we build are passive houses. Maine Passive House is a construction company that can handle a variety of residential and commercial building needs, including new construction, remodeling, and smaller projects such as additions, garages and decks.



Maine Passive House has designed several of our earlier projects and continues to offer this services.  And Maine Passive House constantly sketches and designs the better details on projects designed by others.



Maine Passive House offers consulting services such as design details, best practices and training of other builders.  Maine Passive House also offers PHPP (passive house performance software) calculations as well as thermal bridge calculations using the Therm software.




A retrofit is an upgrade of the energy performance of an existing building. It most often involves making the building more airtight, adding exterior insulation, triple pane windows and a mechanical ventilation system. Besides the energy savings, a retrofit also increases the comfort of the building, increases the healthfulness of the building, and it makes it more resilient. The ideal time to do a retrofit is when exterior components like windows, roof and siding need to be replaced anyway.