Why Passive House?

A tight, well insulated home with mechanical ventilation has no draft and no cold pockets, which makes for a superior level of comfort year round.

Depending on the type of energy efficient house you choose to build, you could lower your utility bills by up to 80% compared to a more traditionally built home.

The better insulated a house is the less exposed it is to freezing pipes, water pumps, etc. in the case of power outages or furnace breaks down. A Passive House  can be left unheated when unoccupied without the temperature going below 55 degrees.

Well built green homes are much healthier. A conventional home without proper ventilation traps contaminants, which are harmful to you and your family.

Today’s conventional homes can be filled with pollutants such as formaldehyde, VOCs, mold and radon causing poor indoor air quality  which can lead to asthma, fatigue, headaches and even cancer. Using less toxic materials and ensuring proper ventilation of your house is a big part of our approach to building safer and healthier homes.

Buildings in the US are responsible for 48% of greenhouse gas emissions and consume about 76% of all generated electricity. Building a more energy efficient home will help lower our CO2 emissions and help fight climate change.

Putting extra money into the construction of your home, instead of utility bills, will leave you less vulnerable to unstable utility prices and give you increased comfort for years to come.